“Hearers & Doers” – James 1:22-27

“First Things First” – How to be Sincere:  Romans 12:9-10

“Love Comes Softly” Part 2 – Love’s Work

“Love Comes Softly” Part 3 – Love Is…

“Love Comes Softly”  Part 4 -Love’s Decision

“What Is the Church?” Part 1:  We Are the Church

“What Is the Church?” Part 4  Made for Worship, Part II

“What Is the Church?”  Part 5:  Until the Whole World Hears

“The Road to Calvary” Part 1: First Steps

“The Road to Calvary”  Part 2:  The Anointing

“The Road to Calvary”  Part 3:  The Death of Jesus